• Invisalign

    Invisalign is the easiest way to straighten teeth without a wire. You can straighten your teeth without anyone noticing using an almost invisible plaque!

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  • Best Oral and Dental Health Solutions for You

    White and Smiles Dental Clinic offers world-class oral and dental health treatments that make you smile fearlessly!

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Quality Treatment and Practices

We use the latest technology in our clinic and offer solution-oriented treatment for your needs.

Comfortable, Safe and Worry-Free Treatments

We have experience ensuring that treatment is gentle and comfortable for our patients.

Smile Design Treatments

We aim to give you straighter teeth and a gorgeous smile in our clinic.

Fast and Solution Focused Treatments

We quickly evaluate your oral and dental health needs and provide you with the most accurate treatment.


The Best Treatment with the Best Practices

We have been serving in Istanbul Şişli for 20 years. In this process, we have become a whole family with all our patients who applied to us for oral and dental health and we have grown up!

In these 20 years, the world has changed, dental treatments have improved, and so have we. After 20 years of success, we have found the formula for a great smile and how to make our patients more social, more confident and happier. We believe that oral and dental health is a team sport and that is why we have created a unique team. A team of dedicated doctors and staff who strive to provide the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art oral and dental health treatments available at all times. We have focused all our energy on ensuring that your treatment goes as smoothly as possible and provides great smiles, and as a result, the White and Smiles brand has appeared!

As White and Smiles Oral and Dental Health Center, we think about your oral and dental health in every sense and we are with you at every moment.

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